Monday, May 3, 2010

The Boring Ceiling Story Final

I hope this is the last of the ceiling anyway!  After biting through my tongue, I finally insisted that the contractor fix a corner that was just way too messed up as well as a couple of other things including the hole in the house they left after moving the dryer vent.

He fixed it and after listening to me tell him how I wanted it fix and why, he hasn't given me that "look" again.  I know it's hard to believe that we three have been flipping houses for so many years.  And ... we've been doing it without male assistance.  I realize that's hard enough to believe but for a contractor to believe it too... well, that's just pushing it.  Today, they finish the final sanding on the mud job they did.  They actually did a decent job on that!  Of course, how hard is that to do anyway?  lol!

My beads are calling my name.  I have a Navy hat that is begging for anchors on it that is will be a gift to my Uncle for his 90th birthday.  I did get the design and the counts figured out and a practice one or two beaded but I haven't yet started it on his hat.  I'll get that done in the next week or two. 

With the good weather here, it's hard to find time in the house to sit and bead.  I must, after all, get out there and check to see if the Peonies have bloomed, the choleus has grown and if the clematis is budding!  

Here's a couple of my favorites!  The striped tulip and the fuschia never fail to amaze me!

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