Thursday, April 30, 2009

New Ventures

I am doing a craft show Friday. I have the beaded glassware all safely wrapped and packed and ready to go! The table linens are also carefully folded and in their protective, clear bags all set to transport. The tables are wiped down. My super cool toolbox that I use for money, and all kinds of extra stuff is stocked and ready too. So why am I not ready?????? oh that all important low priced draw item!

I thought I could jump on that polymer clay wagon and make stuff! Ha! I had no idea how hard it was! Yes, you poly artisans have my total respect! I did manage to make a little pudgy pigeon that turned out pretty cute. I put a hole in some of them for beads and others - at my sister's suggestion, I left whole. But I struggle with each and every one of them! I am soooo not an artist. My sister is though. I tried to get her to mold me some things but she was too busy and wouldn't.

Thankfully, it is raining today and I am getting a break from Roy the Rake and Sherm the Shovel. So today it will be the tedious struggle to create more pudgy pigeons. I think I will try to make one like our African Grey Parrot, Mr. Boo.

Please visit our website to see our beaded glassware and table linens. Our beaded stemware often coordinates with our table linens for a really lovely table display. You can also custom order colors in any of our stemware for yourself!

Or, if you prefer to purchase on Etsy...

Wednesday, April 29, 2009

Rainy Days!

You just gotta love rainy days! For one thing, it gets me out of the yard work! Roy, the rake, and I have really been having trouble getting along. I tried having some one on one time with Sherman the Shovel but we didn't get along much better and Troy the Tiller and I didn't get along well at all. Maybe that garden will be ready to plant next year!
I did manage to get some beaded glasses done. There's a craft show coming up on Friday that I am participating in so maybe they'll sell before I have to take pictures of them. I hope so. Pictures and I don't get along much better that Roy and I do.

See what I mean? These glasses are soooooo pretty but I can't get the pics to look good enough. I have tried every tip I've been given too! Well, I guess I just need to practice more.
In the meantime, I'm going to use what I have but perhaps I can compliment the better by using other's pics!
So if you have some green and white, email me at and I'll post your pic and do some cross promoting!