Wednesday, April 29, 2009

Rainy Days!

You just gotta love rainy days! For one thing, it gets me out of the yard work! Roy, the rake, and I have really been having trouble getting along. I tried having some one on one time with Sherman the Shovel but we didn't get along much better and Troy the Tiller and I didn't get along well at all. Maybe that garden will be ready to plant next year!
I did manage to get some beaded glasses done. There's a craft show coming up on Friday that I am participating in so maybe they'll sell before I have to take pictures of them. I hope so. Pictures and I don't get along much better that Roy and I do.

See what I mean? These glasses are soooooo pretty but I can't get the pics to look good enough. I have tried every tip I've been given too! Well, I guess I just need to practice more.
In the meantime, I'm going to use what I have but perhaps I can compliment the better by using other's pics!
So if you have some green and white, email me at and I'll post your pic and do some cross promoting!


  1. I believe one of Roy's relatives lives in our shed, too. (I can't be sure as I haven't looked him up recently!) I do believe Hubby had a go round with him this past weekend, though!

  2. Keep your eye on him... None of that family can be trusted!