Friday, March 27, 2009

Finally they are done!

The electricians are finally done! We had so much trouble communicating with the guy assigned to this job! The boss came over and got it all straightened out and they finally finished the job. This house is wonderful but it has sure been a lot of work.

Today, I get to clean up the mess (it wan't bad, they cleaned up after themselves for the most part) and put furniture back in place.

Mr.Boo managed to enterain everyone yesterday. He yelled "In the dark!" when the lights went out, told Elvis to "shut up and lay down", told Tucker he was a "tupid dawg", meowed at the cat, cleared his throat excessively (very gross), belched (also very gross) and generally kept the electricians laughing at him. He was a mild destraction but his anitcs defrayed the tension in the house a great deal! You go Boo!

Here's a pic of Mr Boo being a brat. Notice the ruffling of the feathers and the upright position of the head. Usually this is followed by a swinging of the head, stretch of the wings, a leg flys up in a high five (well, high three really) and then that is all accompanied by a rude sound or statement.
Glassware is on hold this morning. Mom finished the roman blinds. I have to hang them today in addition to putting the furniture back and running the vacuum. Ack! I have to get off of here and get to it!

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