Thursday, March 5, 2009

New Furniture

Today we get our new furniture as well as the start of new electricity. We have a historical house with a lovely, big, brand spanking new, breaker panel. Funny thing though, only the kitchen, two baths and laundry room were hooked up to it! The majority of the house is still running off of an old knob and tube system! yikes! So, we are having the house re-wired to bring it into the current century and appropriate standards of the day.

The furniture we chose is a wonderful old style set in chocolate brown leather with brass finish nail heads. We just loved the look of it for our old house. We chose two loveseats and a chair instead of the traditional couch plus set. I can hardly wait to get it situated and take pictures of it!
While moving the old set out yesterday, (we gave it to a woman with three kids that needed a set) we managed to break one of my new hummingbird crystal wine glasses. I wanted to cry! So instead of three pairs, I will now how two pairs and a spare. They are turning out just lovely.

Mr. Boo is still making us laugh. He's still trying to say swear words he learned from his sitter while we were away. He can't quite get them right. We are hoping it goes away when he doesn't hear them anymore.

We had to laugh at Tucker too. He's afraid of the dark. Poor dog. That has to be the ultimate dog humiliation. Last night, he had to go out sooooo bad! Elvis did not have to go out. We tried to get Tucker to go out but he wouldn't leave the porch without Elvis. He kept dashing back inside to get Elvis but all he got for his trouble was a nasty growl and bark. Finally, sister had to step out with him where he could see her so the poor thing could go hike a leg! Who ever heard of a dog being afraid of the dark?! *sigh*

I have got to get busy on this glassware. I am getting low on completed inventory! It seems like the things I have been making are just duplicates of what I have already completed! That's nice for sales but it totally stagnates my creativeness!

I am hoping to feature some other crafters and artists here soon. If you read this and want to be one, just let me know!

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