Monday, March 9, 2009

The Weekend Flew!

Wow! The weekend flew by this time! I guess it always does but this one really went out the window. Anyone that knows anything about me, knows that I do not like to go shopping. Except on the internet and I have been doing that for years. But my feet simply do not like to walk around on concrete floors looking at stuff. The only thing worse than shopping for me, is shopping without money. There really ARE worse things than dying.

This weekend we found an antique dining room table, chairs and ottoman for our lovely old house. I had planned to work on photos again but that plan got changed for me. I had also planned to work on them again today. Again that plan got changed for me. I have to pick up the set today. We could have had it delivered but the $75.oo delivery fee was a bit steep to go six miles. Besides, the dogs bite and they are a pain to get outside out of the way, then lay down rugs for the guys to walk on so they don't damage our antique, hard wood floors... and then there's Boo. Strangers scare him and when they are carrying large objects, they really scare him.

I worked on photos. Sadly, they really aren't much better than the ones I had. Some, but not much. They are more in focus and the colors are true, but the lighting still sucks. I have taken every tip and instructions to be found and I still can't get these things quite right. Except on cloudy days, outside. Then they seem to be perfect. Here's what I ended up with.

So it's back to the photo shoot operation again for me. sheeeeeesh! It's too bad too. These glasses are simply lovely and deserve a better respresentation than I am giving them!

Fortunately, sales in the wine stores are doing pretty well. I can't seem to give them enough of them to stock or to place orders in. It takes too long to do them, then I try to photgraph them, and then I deliver them. By the time I have that done, the others are already sold out! I guess I could have worse problems!

Time to go pick up the new table set.


  1. Love the pet pics!

  2. Thanks! Our life pretty much revolves around them! I'll add Peeve (the cat) to the mix too.