Wednesday, March 4, 2009

The First Day

Trying to get this set up. I am not sure what I am doing, it's a little confusing to get it all started! But here we go!
If you don't want to read this, then just go to our website and look around instead!

As always, I am up early to open the gates to let Sister out so she can go to work in the big, bad world. And as always, Elvis is upstairs barking his fool head off at every squirrel that might be in a tree - a block away! Mr. Boo, the parrot, is being quiet - he's not awake yet, thank goodness. Morning is his prolific talk time.

I have been working on new glasses. I purchased these lovely Avon lead crystal glasses that have been frosted with hummingbirds. I had the idea that I would bead them in "hummingbird colors". Did you KNOW how many colors hummingbirds come in?! As is turns out, that's a good thing. I have six of these lovely, lead crystal, wine goblets and I will do two of each in a different jeweled color.

I also decided to bead them a bit differently than my normal curve to curve fashion. This set will only have three quarters of the stem beaded. As it turns out, they are really lovely. I'll have a couple of pictures of them in a few days.

I did finish the black and white champagne flutes. They turned out quite nice! I will do more of those in a different design. Black and white has become so popular again! The black and white balls, "baachinalia's" I think they are called and black and white weddings. Although I can't imagine not having an accent color to highlight with, I know that the black and white weddings are really pretty.

I am going to make a few more variations of these black and white champagne flutes soon. I already have the black and white wine glasses on the website. Here's the link in case someone doesn't know it. Look in Browse and choose Beaded Glassware.

Here's the link to the glasses:

There's a sweet table runner that matches these, I'll be getting it listed soon too.

One of the things I'd like to do with this blog site is to help promote other's work too. So if you have a website or store site hosted elswhere, (Etsy, Designs to Love or whatever) let me know and I'll get on it! I hope to start that next week.

Please don't ask me to feature you in my blog if you have items like mine (glassware that is). I could hardly be considered intelligent if I hosted a direct competitor! There are a few others out there that bead on glassware (stemware) but I have been doing this for years (over 15 years) and I have worked on a method and technique that works well, and lasts a long, long time even with careless handling, because of the combined bead weaving techniques that I use.

But all other websites and content will be considered and welcome! Drop me an email with your site's addy!

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