Thursday, March 12, 2009

The Eagles are Leaving

It's that time of the year! I love watching spring struggling to come in but it also means that we lose the eagles. I live in an area that has two rivers, the Mississppi and the Rock. Every winter the eagles come here to live and fish in the open waters. You can't get near the Mississippi without seeing an eagle soaring in the air. fishing in the water, sitting on an ice floe or at the very least, roosting in a tree.This is a common site while crossing the bridge between Iowa and Illinois in the Quad Cities. I always feel so fortunate to have them in my backyard all winter. They are so impressive to watch, especially when they fish! And I love to listen to them call. They have a heart breaking call.

Speaking of birds, Mr. Boo fell of his perch again today. It happens sometimes. Don't worry, he's not sick. He just gets his attention fixed on something and loses his grip. This morning he was playing with a hanging toy. He calmly told himself,

"It's o.k. Boo."

So I turned and said to him,

"Did you fall again Boo?"

and he said,

"Shut up"

Sometimes I just hate that bird's intelligence.

I am still trying to get pictures right. It's the lighting again. I did redo them and edited them on the Etsy store. At least the colors are true even though they do not have that lovely white background I want. Clear glass is extremely hard to photograph! I think this is better though don't you?
Not a very good example. I loaded it in the wrong size. This Blogger isn't exactly easy to figure out either! They always load at the top and then I have to drag them down. Kinda messes with the spontaniety of blogging doesn't it?

I also can't figure out how to get pics on the side bars. I love the green spaces but I want to feature other crafters and artists. Until I figure that out.... well they have to wait. I hate that.

Any clues out there?

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