Friday, March 6, 2009

New Pictures

Today I have to start on taking my new pictures. After I realized that most of my pictures for the website and everywhere else where too light, I tried to re-edit them. That simply didn't work. So today, the weather is fine and I am going outside to get them started. I really prefer the outdoor ones. The light is better, I don't get the glare and reflections of myself in the glasses when I am taking them in the shade or on a cloudy day. Maybe the new pictures will finally give me the jumpstart I need for new orders.
This is our much loved historical home. It is a 1904 Italianate. We love the Italianate design with the flat topped widow's walk and hip roof designs. We are planning on looking under the siding this spring to see if we have eyebrows above the original windows.

We only got part of our furniture. The loveseats came in damaged so they only delivered the chair. Nice for mom since she sits in the chair. Nice enough for sister, she has a recliner she loves. Not so nice for me, I sit on the loveseat in the bay windows. We gave away our living room set the night before delivery was supposed to happen. So now, I am sitting in a very uncomfortable, antique, wing back chair until Saturday. This is not conducive to working. ugh!

I haven't yet finished the Hummingbird crystal wine glasses. Since one of them was broken, I have rethought the whole color scheme. I think the next pair will be red on green. That way they can be presented as a four set or sold as separate pairs.

I'll get some really nice pics of these later when I am ready to list them. I think I'll list them on Etsy for a little while and see what happens. I don't have duplicates of these so I can't list them on Etsy and on our website

Off to go take pictures!


  1. Good luck with your reshoots! Lighting is the thing I struggle with most in photography too.

  2. I'd gladly take more tips! lol!