Wednesday, March 11, 2009

Still Waiting

Here it is, around 7 in the morning, I am yet again, waiting for the electricians to show up. This is the fourth time I have waited for them to show up at the scheduled time of 7 AM. We are participating in a city program for the rehabilitation and revamping of old homes such as ours. There are restrictions placed upon the vendors you can use. If it weren't for that.... oh, I'd so be in the yellow pages looking for a new contractor!

I may give this guy a piece of my mind, but I am not sure he has a place to put it!

We got the new furniture (the damaged pieces) in and here's a pic of the style. You totally have to disregard the mess.... we were moving in the antique dining set too and I just had to get the pic anyway. That little coffee table in front of it is also leather topped. We love our antiques!
I haven't been able to work on glassware for things to be done in the house. We decided that the house had to have Roman blinds (shades) to maintain as much as possible of the historically correct furnishings. After shopping for them, our ridiculously high windows required an equally ridiculously high price for custom made blinds. They just don't factory produce window shades that are over 70" tall.
After looking at them carefully and searching for free patterns on the internet, we decided we could make our own. We decided that we liked the colors in our old curtains so we chose to make those into the blinds. We then chose the tabbed ones we didn't like as much to be the backs. We have worked an worked on these things to get them right. We still don't have them quite done but we did work out the pattern and today we hang them!
Mr Boo is in a rut for opera-like singing. Wo wo wo-o -o -o -o! Yes, it sounds like woe.... except the end is sung in an opera style. Cute as heck until you hear it about 15 times in a row.
Speaking of Mr. Boo, he's ready for his food. I had better get at it. I am pretty sure he's no better at waiting than I am.

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