Thursday, May 28, 2009

Shower with a Centipede

This morning I took a shower with a centipede. Well, almost. I reached in behind the shower curtain, turned on the water to let the hot water come up, walked over to the towel cabinet and got out a washcloth. Then I stepped into the shower and prepared to start the process of shampooing my long hair. I happened to look down and saw I was sharing my shower with a centipede!

This did not make me happy! I quickly jumped out of the tub. Now the floor is soaking wet - long hair can hold a LOT of water! I reached under the sink looking for anything to zap this thing with. I laid my hands on The Works toilet cleaner bottle. What the heck? I thoroughly doused him and shut the curtain. After a jittery moment I looked back in and he was not moving, just floating a little bit in the running water. He was a lot lighter in color too. A wad of toilet paper and a flush later and he was gone.

Knowing that I have saved myself a possible ugly bite did not make me feel better about killing him that way. Nor did knowing he was dead and gone keep me from looking down at my feet almost constantly! I managed to get soap and shampoo in my eyes about four times from being on the lookout for another one. ouch!

Here's what the thing looked like:

I couldn't get the picture to load. Blogger gives me a lot of trouble with that.

I hope the rest of you have a better start to your day!

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