Sunday, May 3, 2009

A Rake is a Lousy Date

I had an early date with Roy the Rake today. We also hung out with Sherm the Shovel, Peter the Pitchfork and that hideous T. Tiller! After unearthing tons of rocks and huge slabs of 1940 concrete, these tools had the nerve to lean back on the fence and leave me to find my own way back to the house!

I am so tired of this wanna be garden! I may never eat another tomatoe just on principal.

My hands are so worn out I won't be handling a needle for beading for the next two days. This keyboard is enough trouble.

I am beginning to think we should have bought a condo or something..... arghhhh!

We do love this grand old lady though. Now if only she'd 've come with a garden plot already plowed!

Now get this.... my mother is 88 years old. She is out there digging and raking and planting flowers with us. She still mows the yard with her self propelled lawn mower my brother bought her last year. She can outlast us on our best day of working! We are thinking of signing her up for Survivor.

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