Tuesday, April 27, 2010

The Idoewanna Ceremony

My father was a Native American.  He used to tell us wonderful stories when we were kids.  They were usually pretty short and informative stories but they were always enough to keep my attention and make me hunger for more.  He used to tell us about ceremonies sometimes that were so mysterious and always provoked my curiosity.  He also used to lay on the couch on Sundays watching golf with his eyes closed. 

Sometimes when he did this I would ask him if he'd help me saddle my horse.  He'd reply "Idoewanna."
Sometimes I'd ask him why he was laying down and would he like to go ride with us or do something to which he would reply again "Idoewanna."

In my young mind I always questioned this word.  Is this some ceremony that he hasn't taught us about?  If so, I wanted to learn more about it!  So I would again question him but he'd never reply with more than that one word  - Idoewanna - and continue to lie on the couch with his eyes closed a the t.v. announcer talked in hushed tones about birdies and slices.  I figured that he always did this during golf because it allowed him a quiet background that he could perform this curious ceremony in a calm and quiet way.

Of course, I grew up and realization set in about this mysterious ceremony that he didn't talk about.  When that happened, I thought that I must have been the most clueless kid in the country!  How could I not realize what that was all about!?!?

But adulthood taught me another lesson.... there's something really special about the Idoewanna ceremony.  I learned that it was a very nice thing to utter when my kids were interrupting me on a quiet Sunday afternoon on the couch (sans the golf).  So instead of vacuuming today, I think I'll go indulge in a little ceremony!

Have a great Idoewanna day of your own soon! It's very refreshing.


  1. I think I had one of those ceremonies last night!

  2. LOL! I try to participate as often as possible!