Wednesday, April 28, 2010

The kitchen ceiling!

The contracter's here to start the kitchen ceiling.  This poor old house has had some lovely details covered up!  We knew we wanted to do away with that ugly drop ceiling but had planned to do it next year.  However, a leaking pipe put this project on the front burner instead of the back.  We had never looked up under the drop tiles too much, just enough to see the upstair's laundry room and bathroom pipes were up there.  When we investigated the leak, we found beautiful beams up there! 
Can you believe these were hiding up there?  We estimate them to have been covered up since the early 1980's or longer.  We have pictures of the house's makeover that came with the purchase, that date back at least that far.  

We decided to go ahead and take out the rest of the drop tiles and found this!

This is the original curve that went around the landing that leads to the servant's stairway and the outside backyard.  Needless to say, we couldn't cover it back up!  So all the tile grid rails are down and the contracter is here to put up new sheetrock and a few other tasks such as installing our antique kitchen chandaliers.  We can hardly wait to strip that wood and stain it! 

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  1. What a job! I'm sure it will be beautiful when done, though. One of these days, as we breeze by on 80, I'll have to take a detour and check out your mansion!! (I'll add that our list. We're always so pressed for time and usually hit your end of the world very late in the day after about 700 miles!) I guess I've missed the eagles along the river again this year, haven't I? We'll hit that area on Wednesday next week.