Friday, April 30, 2010

Stop it! Get outta there!

That is what Mr. Boo yelled for most of the day yesterday.  Apparently he does not like the sound of hammering.  When he first started yelling, one of the workers came in and looked at me like "What?"  I pointed to the bird and said, "It's him."  He couldn't believe that bird could sound so human.  lol!

Mr Boo DOES like the drill though.  He's been working on getting the "rrrrr" sound just right.  If you like a nice, quiet home life, don't get an African Grey Parrot.

One of the workers nearly got bit yesterday.  I felt a little bad but not entirely.  I told them, during a work lag, to please stand still so I could let Elvis out.  This one guy decides to turn, with his arms up, towards me as we walked by him.  Elvis took it as an act of aggression right away and teeth bared, lunged at him.  I snagged his collar right away because I knew when the guy moved that Elvis wasn't going to like it. 

The guy says, "wow, I didn't think he'd react like that!" 

I said... "You don't have any business in this house if you were purposely trying to get a reaction out of this dog.  I TOLD you upfront he was brain damaged and might bite if you appear to be aggressive!  AND I told you stand still while I let him out.  You would of deserved it if I hadn't grabbed him in time."

Deliver me from the idiots of the world that won't listen to plain spoken warnings.

He's also the same idiot that kept trying to tell me what I wanted done in the kitchen remodel.  I finally had to tell that this wasn't my first rodeo and we had been doing remodels since he was a twinkle in his daddy's eye.  Men that don't think women have experience outside of making coffee and wiping up the spills they make just really disgust me.  Hopefully this one won't be part of the crew today.

Speaking of which.... here they are.  Time to go get the dogs in, the bird caged and my tongue tied down.

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