Thursday, April 22, 2010

It's been nearly a year!

Nearly a year has passed since I have posted to this blog.  That does not mean I haven't had anything to say though...

Mom turned 89 this year.  She's still climbing on ladders, planting a garden, digging flower beds, sewing new and wonderful items for our house and yours, losing her hearing, making me repeat myself and generally working harder than I am.  phew!  The woman's a one woman whirlwind!

We are slowly going to change our stores.  I think we are going to concentrate on some supply items.  Things like mom's wonderful hand made fabric flowers and some resin work suitable for focal beads, polymer clay items and more custom orders than stock orders.  This will not only take some pressure off of us to keep our stock up but it will clarify the diversity amongst the Triple Willows and make it easier to make sure customers get what they want. 

Sister spent nearly a year in California working.  It was really difficult to continue working on this big house without her here but it was a great move for her career wise.  Fortunately, she was home at least once a month.  Time flies when you are an elderly person sometimes and that alone made it easier for mom to deal with her absence. 

Our critters are well and healthy.  Elvis is still chasing shadows and light reflections, Tucker is still chasing Elvis and the cat is aging gracefully.  Mr Boo though....  well, that critter is a law unto himself!  He has become enamoured of sounds.  Not words... SOUNDS.  He does the microwave, he does the key beeps on the phone, he does the tail end of the ambulance siren, he does the short burst RRRR of the cop car, he does the dumptruck's back up alarm, he does the creaking from the cabinet door....  AND he does several he's made up himself!!  Never a dull moment in the Triple Willow house!

Does it sound like you want to visit?  Come on over!  Mom will feed you up, Tucker will lick you 'til you're happy, Elvis will chase your shadow, the cat will ask you to hold him and Mr Boo will sooner or later blast out a sound you recognize!
Me? I'll be in the background with dog treats, cat treats and earplugs... you're on your own with Mom though...

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